Bulk Gas Supply

Al Fahidi Gastech L.L.C. offers customers Bulk LP Gas at competitive pricing and with prompt service through a fleet of gas bobtails and tankers. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use, bulk orders are handled by our experienced staff and delivered by an extended fleet of vehicles.

Electronic billing is available in order to maximize our clients’ user experience quality and minimize cost and waste.

Telemetry Solution -

We also offer telemetry services to ensure clients never run out of gas. A long-term solution, Telemetry Monitoring is one of the easiest and most time-efficient ways to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted operation of gas supply. Through the installation of remote devices for gas liquid monitoring in the tanks, Al Fahidi’s team can monitor the process from the company’s offices to ensure that gas levels are continuously maintained and tank operation is running as expected.

Decanting Service -

Al Fahidi Gastech L.L.C.’s experienced team of gas experts are fully trained to carry out decanting services. Clients who wish to decant tanks for purposes of relocation, revalidation and maintenance will benefit from a prompt, professional and fully-integrated service.