Operation, Maintenance & Gas Supply

Al Fahidi Gastech L.L.C. is completely dedicated to offering the most comprehensive Gas services. Our Operation, Maintenance and Gas Supply team work around the clock to provide customers with quick and efficient support services.

  • Smooth Operation, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance -

Our maintenance team will take the needed measures to ensure systems are operating correctly, eliminate hazards and repair malfunctions.

  • Emergency Response & Support -

Our first responders are available on hand to assist clients in case of an emergency.

  • Use of Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Software -

Facility Management Software will run full analysis to continuously ensure Gas equipment is fully functional and the complete history is maintained. Computerized databases allow our team to keep accurate and proper records of action plans and maintenance checks in order to provide optimal service.

  • Maintaining O&M Manuals and Maintenance Records through Documents Management Software (DMS) -

Customer records are regularly maintained and easily accessible in order to provide our team with a full history such that they can offer all kinds of maintenance support.

  • Telemetry Monitoring of Gas Tanks -

A long-term solution, Telemetry Monitoring, is one of the easiest and most time-efficient ways to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of gas supply. Through the installation of remote devices for gas liquid monitoring in the tanks, Al Fahidi’s team can monitor the process from the office to ensure that gas levels are continuously maintained and tank operation is running as expected.