Meter Reading and Billing

In order to offer optimal service and provide a comfortable experience for both building managers and tenants, our Meter Reading and Billing services include regular utility bills delivered to registered contact address.

  • Meter Reading Services for Consumers and Retailers -

With specific pricing plans and well-developed operational systems, both retailers and consumers are sure to benefit from the best service at the most competitive cost.

  • Connection/Disconnection of Gas -

Al Fahidi Gastech L.L.C.’s team will be on hand to run connections and disconnections of gas supply to residential properties.

  • Training for Safety and Emergency Response -

To ensure our products are being used in the safest of conditions, our team will provide tenants with a full training for safe operations of gas and actions to perform under emergency situations.

  • Electronic Billing and Online Payment -

Clients can access our electronic billing and online payment platform at their own convenience.