Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services cover Central Gas Systems for residential buildings, restaurants and food courts, hotels, shopping mall, labor camps and industrial plants.

  • Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts -

Annual maintenance contracts can be customized to meet specific client requirements.

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance -

Our maintenance team will take the needed measures to eliminate hazards and repair malfunctions.

  • Emergency Response and Support -

Our customer service team is available through our different support channels.

  • Periodic Calibration of Gas Detection System -

To guarantee a smooth and secure operation, Gas Detection Systems will require periodic calibration.

  • Periodic Testing of Cathodic Protection System -

In order to ensure optimal Cathodic Protection is being provided, periodic testing will be conducted to identify possible deficiencies and apply fixes.

  • Gas Tank Requalification -

Gas Tanks have a specific life span, so requalification will be conducted in order to periodically verify their functionality and determine whether or not they need to be replaced.

  • Use of Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Software -

Facility Management Software will run full analysis to continuously ensure Gas Equipment are properly maintained and fully operational.

  • Maintaining O&M Manuals and Maintenance Records through Document Management Software (DMS) -

Customer records are regularly maintained and easily accessible in order to provide our team with a full history to offer any and all kinds of maintenance support.

  • Free Maintenance Service with Bulk Supply and Yearly Contracts -

Our customers will benefit from free maintenance service when they request bulk supply against long term contracts. Terms and Conditions Apply.