Consultancy and Feasibility Studies

One of our most important project services, Consultancy and Feasibility Studies, offers clients seeking to install LP Central Gas Systems the opportunity to properly evaluate, understand the benefits and fully grasp the long-term cost savings the service provides.

Our Consultancy and Feasibility Studies services feature:

  • Study of Preliminary Design and Engineering Requirements -

Our team will conduct an initial assessment and extensive research to determine the requirements of any new project in terms of design and engineering specifications.

  • System Design and Consultancy Services -

We offer consultancy services to determine the most suitable course of action for any new project.

  • Due Diligence -

Our team will run a full analysis prior to offering any suggestions in order to understand the requirements, legalities and intricacies of each project.

  • Budget and Cost Efficiency Analysis -

Our team will conduct the proper analysis to determine the most suitable and cost-effective service required by each client.

  • Product Advisory -

Our team provides expert advice in terms of product compatibility and will evaluate quality for new and existing installations.

  • Site Survey/Inspection -

Our site survey and inspection team will take an in-depth look at new and old sites before proceeding with a corresponding services plan.